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Step and Weights 14 Day Program (Intermediate Step Level) Buy Bundle (28 videos) Step and Weights 14 Day Program (Intermediate Step Level)

1080p HD

This program is based on the most current research on what's beneficial for the body. Each week, we'll do 5 Cardio Sessions, 5 Strength Training sessions that target all of the major muscle groups, and Yoga to increase flexibility, breathwork, and mindfulness. 

All 10 of the Step and Weights workouts in this program will be unique with no repeating workout sessions. Here is an outline of the program:

14-Day Step and Weights Program

Day 1 - Step and Weights 1 – Lower Body Weights
Day 2  – Step and Weights 2 – Upper Body Weights
Day 3 – Yoga 
Day 4 – Step and Weights 3 - Core
Day 5 – Step and Weights 4 – Lower Body Weights
Day 6 – Step and Weights 5 – Upper Body Weights
Day 7 – Rest Day – Restorative Yoga
Day 8 – Step and Weights 6 - Core
Day 9 – Step and Weights 7 – Lower Body Weights
Day 10 – Yoga 
Day 11 – Step and Weights 8 – Upper Body Weights
Day 12 – Step and Weights 9 - Core
Day 13 – Step and Weights 10 – Lower Body/ Upper Body
Day 14 – Rest Day – Restorative Yoga

Each day when we do Step and Weights we'll do 2 step combos. The first combo is choreographed, and the second combo is more athletic with the opportunity to pump up the heart rate with HIIT moves. At the end of both the first and second combos, we'll do weight training targeting the specific muscle group scheduled for that day.

Most of the workouts will be between 45-50 minutes in length. Please note what equipment will be needed for each day. Find this information by clicking on the description for each individual day.

It is proven that when we have a set workout program to follow, our chances of staying consistent increase tremendously. This program, and all of our programs on Freedom.Fit, help to take the guesswork out of which workout to do each day. Simply put on your comfy workout clothes and shoes and push start! 

Please consult with your doctor or healthcare provider before beginning any fitness program.

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