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50 States | 50 Workouts

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Journey across America and complete a 30-minute step aerobics training workout in all 50 states. Go at your own pace. If you enjoy a particular state a lot or want to practice some of the moves a little more, feel free to stay there for a few days. Begin in Wyoming where we'll learn the foundational moves of step training. As we travel to each state, we'll build on the moves we've learned previously and continue to increase our coordination, balance, strength, and memory all while learning fun new ways to keep our bodies continually moving with the rhythm and beat of the music.

Step aerobics training is easier on the joints than other forms of cardio, but still gives participants the same results as running at a 7mph pace.

This amazing journey ends in New Jersey with the monumental Statue of Liberty in the background. How relevant to finish our travels with this symbol of justice and liberty, that all people deserve fair treatment and to have the freedom to live and choose as we desire.

We will forever be grateful to Gin Miller, one of the fitness industry's most beloved professionals, and the original creator of step aerobics. Her ingenuity, brilliance, vision, and excellence lives on over 30 years later with this format that we get to continually enjoy.

Thank you to each of you, the beautiful Freedom.Fit community who has stood by and supported us patiently waiting for the release of the Step Across America Program. Your support has meant everything to us all of these years, and especially through the heartache of losing our oldest son. We love reading through each of your fitness journeys and that we get to be even a small part of your health and wellness!

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