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The Grief (and Loss) Yoga Movement Program was filmed outdoors over the course of a year in all four seasons, winter, spring, summer and fall.

Each of the SEVEN programs are ~30 minutes in length.

You will have lifetime access to this program across all of our platforms:

Web - Apple - Android - AppleTV - AndroidTV - FireTV - Roku

Anyone can do this program. 

We hope our participants will enjoy visually being able to connect with each of the four seasons, symbolic of the different seasons we go through in our grief and loss healing process. This program is meant for anyone who is facing grief and loss in their lives. In this life, we all face loss at some point. The Grief (and Loss) Yoga Movement Program is for those dealing with the loss of a loved one, the loss of something hoped for that is now not possible, or experiencing the loss of something you never had but hoped for.  

Grief is so personal and unique for everyone. In grief, difficult emotions get stuck in our bodies. By using our breath, gentle movement, and stretching, we'll connect with our emotions and help them to move and release from the body. Our emotions need movement, especially emotions associated with grief and loss. In this program, we do this through very specific breathing exercises and by paying close attention to what we're feeling in the body. When we're able to move the energy of our difficult emotions out, we are able to heal.

As you begin each session in this Grief Yoga Movement Program meet yourself wherever you are, with so much love and self-compassion. When we're going through grief, each day is different. Some days, we may be surprised by what emotions arise. There is no right or wrong to what we feel.

This entire program is done while sitting in a chair. Be sure to select a chair that is sturdy as we will shift our weight at times while sitting. Also, a chair without arms will be easier for some of the movements.

At any time, during a certain movement, if it brings up too much discomfort of emotion, or discomfort in the body, feel free to skip the move and continue with deep breaths or pause and come back another day. If there is a move that is not available to your body, you can visualize yourself doing the movement, and still gain the same benefits.

Each session will begin with breathing and body movements where we'll tune into our emotions and move them out of the body. In the end, we'll finish with a meditation or visualization to help ground ourselves at a time when things can feel so uncertain. You are invited to remain in your chair for the entire session, or some may prefer to find a comfortable seat on the floor when we do our meditation or visualization. Together we'll begin the healing process of grief and loss with all of the complicated and difficult emotions we experience in this process. 

Always check with your healthcare provider before beginning this or any program at Freedom.Fit.

USD $27.00