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Seven Summit Challenge $47 Buy Bundle (130 videos) Seven Summit Challenge $47

Join Jenny Ford Live as we climb and step our way to the top of the highest mountain peaks in the world, on each of the seven continents in 65 workouts. 

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This is an unforgettable challenge that will keep participants motivated and coming back each day to achieve their fitness goals.

We have calculated the number of steps you need to climb to the top of Mt. Kosciuszko (Australia), Mt. Vinson (Antarctica), Mt. Elbrus (Europe), Mt. Kilimanjaro (Africa), Mt. Denali (North America), Mt. Aconcagua (South America), and Mt. Everest (Asia).

Anyone can do this challenge and will get 4,000 steps in every workout. The mountain summit challenges are broken down into stages of "climbing" for 30 minutes each day where we'll step for 30 minutes until we arrive at the next “basecamp”.

Step training is such a great format of exercise as it gives you the same workout as when we expend energy running at a 7 mph pace but without the impact on your joints. Step training is by far Jenny’s most favorite form of exercise to teach.

Equipment Needed:

Step Bench, Water, Towel to Dry Off With

Progress through foundational step moves, to begin with, and as we continue climbing each summit we'll add in new moves. Options to add in higher impact moves are also included, or participants can keep moves low impact the entire time.

**Disclaimer: Be sure to consult your doctor before beginning this or any other exercise program. Not all exercises are suitable for everyone. By engaging in these workouts, you agree that you do so at your own risk, and assume all associated risk of injury.

USD $47.00